Getting The Girl Back!

Lets talk about getting the girl back. Yep, this ones for the guys. More specifically, it’s for the guys who are ready to take action, and get their girl back into their lives for good!

If you are trying to get back together with your ex girlfriend, then chances are the breakup wasn’t catastrophic and deep down you still know that the two of you are perfect for each other. Glad to hear it! So lets look at how you can start to repair the relationship.

Will I Get My Ex Girlfriend Back By Being Sensitive?

I can definitely tell you that the odds of you succeeding are greatly improved when you really think about the relationship and what you could do differently in the future to improve the connection you both had.

However… this is often not as simple as it sounds, and it is definitely not a case of just buying her jewellery, or flowers – as this could come across as overly apologetic or even desperate. These are things that could really count against you when you are getting your girl back, you want to show that you still care, but you don’t want to come across as an emotional doormat that she wouldn’t respect.

So Where Do You Draw The Line?

This is where you’ll have to remember some of the parts of the relationship that made it unique for you both. Did your girlfriend or wife like it when you left notes for her? Did they appreciate little things like voicemail messages that showed that you were thinking about her?

When getting the girl back, try to find small things that you can do that always made your ex smile, but don’t start shelling out for expensive gifts and presents (which would go back to that ‘desperate’ behaviour you are trying to avoid) until you are further down the line and have a commitment from her that the two of you are going to get back together.

Also remember not to get angry or frustrated, as these things are definitely going to count against you. Stay patient, and remember that showing her that you really are that thoughtful person she would love to be with could take some time. So stay the course, and remember to show her that you still care about her.

So, all of this is great and everything, but what if you’ve lost touch with your ex? or what if you’ve already tried everything but all you are doing seems to be pushing them further away from you? Chances are, you are not taking the correct steps to get started getting your ex back…

Start Getting The Girl Back The Proper Way!

Believe it or not, this is where most guys make the first (and often, crucial) mistakes. The things that your brain is telling you to do are often counterproductive when it comes to getting your girl back.

In fact, taking the wrong first steps could actually end up pushing them further away from you! Since this is obviously not what you want, what are the correct first steps?

Well a great first step to take before you show your ex how much she means to you, is actually to use scarcity to let your ex know that you are still a confident person – someone who doesn’t need to constantly stalk or smother their ex partner or try to get in touch with them every day. As its likely that you being a confident, independent person is what attracted her to you in the first place, let her remember that you are still that person!

For the next correct steps to take, make sure you sign up for our free guide, which you can download by clicking here now.

Simply follow these initial steps, and getting the girl back will be easier than you think!

Amber Kaye

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