What To Say To Get Your Ex Back

What To Say To Get Your Ex Back

Looking for those secret words to say to win your ex back? Well, when thinking about the words to rebuild your relationship, there are actually two things that are important – knowing exactly what to say to get your ex back, and What To Say To Get Your Ex Backthe attitude you need to have when you talk to your ex. We’ll discuss the attitude side in a minute because that is also very important, but first let’s look at what you need to say to your partner to stand the best chance of recovering your relationship.

You Need To Get This Right!

Just after being in a breakup (or any kind of separation for that matter), there are things that your ex-partner will be expecting you to do. Actually I would even go as far as to say your partner will be predicting what you’re going to do or say to them.

Have these classics come up when thinking of what to say to get your ex back? Things like: “I really miss you and want you back!“, or even “you’re wrong. If you give us another chance things would be different!

The problem is that these sentences have been used sooo many times that they have become predictable, and there are actually stock replies ready for all of them! Your ex will quickly hit you with “No, that’s not it, sorry… I’ll speak to you later ok” – and we all know how that one goes… So instead, you need to rock the boat a little 😉

What Do You Say First?!

This is why, when thinking of words to say to get your ex back – a crucial part is to keep things surprising! If your ex is expecting you to feel sad and lonely about the break up, or maybe even that they’d get lots of upset or angry phone calls from you saying what a huge mistake they made letting your relationship go, you need to do something very different:

SHOCK And Surprise Your Ex By…

Agreeing to the decision to end the relationship! Ok, before you start thinking this would be a terrible idea, stay with me here for a bit 🙂 You could say that you agree with the decision to end the relationship – and that in looking forward, it will probably be best for you in the long run. Now, does this give your ex a chance to say “I think you’re still being too clingy, we need our space right now” or any other ‘stock response’? Well… no it doesn’t. Not only that, but this type of approach is proven to be the most effective to re-start the communication with your ex. A crucial part in getting the relationship back together!

This Is Just The First Step

But this is only the start of the journey to get your relationship back. I go into detail about why this type of approach works, as well as exactly what you should say, what you need to do after this… and much more to help you in a free guide that you can download and be reading in just minutes.

This information has already helped hundreds of people, and I’d love for you to read it too. To download the guide, just click here now and start getting your ex back today!

Talk to you soon!
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