Need To Get My Ex Back

I Need To Get My Ex Back!

Okay, from this opening line alone, I can tell that your mindset is not in the place it needs to be for someone who is going to get their ex back, so before I tell you what you need to do right now to get your ex back, we need to talk about how to adjust your mindset to let this happen. Let me explain what I mean.

Right now you are probably approaching this situation with the thoughts of someone who is trying to push themselves onto their ex-partner, am I right? Do you think that if you could convince your ex-partner of the mistake they made letting the relationship go, they will take you back with open arms?

The Dangers Of The Push – Pull Game

The most common thing that happens in this case is that your ex will pull away from you and you will even risk losing contact with them completely. I’ve seen this happen time and time again, and it happens because your ex-partner won’t feel comfortable enough to be around you any more!

This is because you are in a pushing mindset! If you are pushing yourself on your ex, or you’re trying to force them into talking to you or texting you, they will only respond by pulling away.

Then you get trapped in a downward spiral – you PUSH harder… and they PULL away harder! The more you try to push your ex-partner the more they will pull away because they won’t feel comfortable being near you.

I Know This Is Frustrating…

I understand what it feels like to want to pursue something because it makes sense in your head. I get that it may seem difficult right now while you are thinking “I need to get my ex back!”, and your mind is giving you all kinds of advice to try and reach this goal.

What you have to realise in this case is that your mind is not giving you the best advice to get your ex back. It’s only natural to want to follow our instincts and in this case your instincts are probably telling you that if you could convince your ex-partner that the relationship you two had was one to be saved, you will get your ex back for good.

Well, instead of the risk of losing contact completely with the push/pull game in, let me tell you a much better way to get your ex back. The secret is actually to get your ex-partner to realise on their own how much they miss you and how much they want the relationship back! So how do you do this?

The Best Way To Get Your Ex Back

Your chances of getting your ex-partner back are greatly increased if you implement a plan that has already helped thousands of couples get their ex back – this plan does not make you come across as a clingy ex, play mind games, or anything else that could hurt your chances of getting the relationship back on track.

To discover the best first step to take, and overcome the feeling of “I need to get my ex back!” – click here to download our free report and find out how to reunite your relationship, and start getting your ex back today!

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