Making Up With My Ex Boyfriend – Key Tips!

Making Up With My Ex Boyfriend TipsWhen you are making up with your ex boyfriend, there are a few key tips that you should keep in mind that will help you to succeed. These tips that are often ignored by women (one of the things that comes with each gender having differently wired brains!) and could therefore be making it that much harder for you to get your ex back.

A question I get asked a lot is “I’m making up with my ex boyfriend – have you got any tips to make it work this time?”

So here are 5 key tips you should keep in mind when you are making up with your ex boyfriend:

1) Understand That Men Aren’t Wordy: Most men don’t like to talk for ages about their feelings or emotions. Unlike women who use words much more freely, men are more to the point and sharp about what they mean. This can often mean that it’s not a good idea to ask them to really talk about the relationship and what may have gone wrong.

So instead of trying to get your ex to open up to you and analyse what went wrong in the relationship, simply move onto another subject that is not so serious and you will come across better in the eyes of your ex.

2) Don’t Assume That Men Can Multi-task: Men function best when they are focusing on one thing at a time – it is just the way their genes tell them to behave. By assuming that when he is watching TV or reading a paper he is ignoring you on purpose has been the cause of many arguments in relationships, and even many breakups! Instead, realise that the best way to deal with this is to say ‘Ok, I’m making up with my ex boyfriend and I have to understand that men can’t multi-task that well, so I’ll wait until he’s paying attention before I continue’. This way, he will be listening to what you have to say, and you won’t risk getting annoyed because you think he isn’t paying attention to you.

3) Men Like Their Hobbies: When people joke that men never really grow up, they just play with different toys and start DIY jobs around the house – they often never realise just how true this is! Your boyfriend needs to have his own hobbies and projects, and an important part in relationships is to let your partner have the space they need. By letting him indulge in his DIY ideas or letting him go bowling (this is time that you can spend time with your friends too!), you are giving him the space he needs to relax and do something on his own, which could strengthen the relationship you two have.

4) Be Clear With Your Partner: Remember that men aren’t mind readers and often won’t know what you want or even if you want to make up with him at all! In these situations, don’t be afraid to be direct with him and tell him what you really feel, or what you really want. Most men don’t like dating games so give him a hand if he seems to be a bit confused, and the situation will probaby start to clear up.

5) Talk, Don’t Tell: Now, we all know that women are right more than men don’t we? 😉 Ok ok I kid, but there is an important point here when it comes to relationships. When we are… ‘correcting’ our partners, you might often find that even the righth tone sets the difference between you becoming single or not! Men are fine taking criticism, for the most part, as long as they are not being told they are wrong like a teacher would tell off a child. By simply talking about a problem instead of accusing or being blunt, you could find that a lot less arguments start, and you keep your relationship happy as a result!

So there you go, five simply tips to make sure your relationship runs along smoothly, and doesn’t come crashing into speed bumps instead.

What If We’re Already Broken Up?!

But how can you use this information if you and your partner have already broken up?

Well the first step is to get them back of course! To discover how your relationship can be saved, and know that you can always think, “I’m making up with my ex boyfriend the proper way”, click here now to download our ‘making up’ guide for free – and start getting your ex partner back into your arms today!

Now get out there and repair that relationship 😉
Amber Kaye

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