Are The Rules Of Dating Really Needed?

With dating, relationships, and the rules that control them changing almost daily – sometimes it becomes harder and harder to keep up! But if you tried to obey all the rules of dating, you’d very rarely be in a comfortable relationship since you’d be so tied down to all of these mysterious outlines.

So what are some popular rules? And are any of them actually necessary?

"Never Text Them Again Before ‘X’ Days…"

Since I’ve seen X number of days change from one day to six days, this is one of my favourites! By the way, if you feel you need to wait six days before contacting someone again – you might have to battle through the initial response of “who are you again?” – you have been warned 😛

The main reason this one crept into the rules of dating was because people spread that if you text someone too much, or too quickly, you come across as being desperate or you’re needy and checking up on them. It’s almost got to the point where this is considered the kiss of death for the relationship – that contacting people too quickly will make them think that you’re putting too much focus on the relationship already.

My Take On Text Timing

The analysis that goes on behind texting or calling someone has been taken way too far. Just getting a text from someone doesn’t mean they have nothing else going on in their lives, or that they’re getting obsessed with you, so don’t worry too much about sending someone a casual text.

In fact, some of the nicest dates I went on ended with me getting a text later on that evening asking if I’d got home okay, or saying what a nice time my date had. The line comes if you start ‘phone stalking’ this new person, now this is where big mistakes can happen!

You don’t need to text them the entire night after the date, and you don’t need to text them everyday afterwards asking what they’re getting up to. Instead, using a little bit of mystery can go a long way, and help your date look forward to the next time they get to see you.

"Never Accept Weekend Dates After Wednesday"

When it comes to the rules of dating, this one is all about appearing busy… because when Thursday rolls around there’s just no way you have no plans for Saturday night yet, right? So instead you say that you’re busy, that you’ve made plans to do something else and they just missed the boat by not making official plans with you earlier on in the week…

My Take On Date Planning

You just might regret your decision to plan a fake night when you find out that you would-be date made plans with someone else on Saturday night instead of being with you. Wouldn’t be a great way for you to get to know each other more, would it?

Forget the rules of dating – if you’re asked to spend time with someone and you’re free… tell them you’re free! Maybe they’ve left asking you till later on because they were putting the final touches on a perfect evening for you both, but you’ll never know unless you meet them.

Also, if you’re choosing your partners well and carefully picking who you spend time with, they wouldn’t be rude enough to leave asking you out on a date to the last minute anyway.

"At The Start, Play Hard To Get…"

Now I will qualify this by saying I actually agree with this point to a small extent. Mystery between two people can be a very good source of creating strong, magnetic attraction for each other. Knowing everything there is to know about someone straight off the bat can really dampen the mood. But with the rules of dating, some people take this too far and insist on maintaining their mysterious atmosphere by appearing aloof, unavailable, uninterested… un-anything else you can think of! 😛

My Take On Hard To Get

Play hard to get too much… and nobody will want to get you 😛

The ‘thrill of the chase’ can only be taken so far with the rules of dating. Acting as if you’re not interested for too long, or layering it on to thick in other ways might harm your chances of having an actual relationship with this person. While you’re thinking about your next plan on how to play hard to get, your date might have found someone else who’s genuinely interested in them and isn’t afraid to show it either.

Even if they don’t find someone else, they might just get bored and decide their time is better spent doing other things. And if you’ve been playing hard to get for a while, can you really blame them? There’s too much game playing in dating these days – the aim should be to just go out to have fun, use your instincts and get to know this new lucky person in your life 🙂

The Rules Of Dating VS Rewarding Relationships

As you probably guessed by now, I’m not one to get too caught up in the rules of dating. For one thing, every person is different and so is every situation. As you become more experienced in dating, you’ll build up your own intuition for what is going to help build this relationship or what would set it back a few paces by accident. You’ll learn to feel out different situations, and your relationships will only get better as a result.

What do you think? Feel free to leave any comments you have below!

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