Your Dates Are BORING – 5 Fun Date Ideas!

So… would there be anything worse in the world? You’re out on what you think is a great ‘romantic’ date – days spent thinking, hours spent planning, you just know that everything is going to be great!

But then… you look over at your date and “…are they… Yawning?!?!” Fear! Terror! Maybe this great date idea you came up with wasn’t so great after all? Is it possible that they’ve already been taken on dozens of ‘dinner and a movie’ dates already?

To make sure you never risk sending your date to sleep, here are five original dates that you can use to impress your significant other (or potential significant other) and help guarantee that another date is always on the cards!

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So here’s a count down of 5 fun date ideas that will wow your dates when you take them out!

No. 5 – Sailing

Lets kick off with a real peach – sailing! Sailing is a great one because it’s one of those things that everyone plans to ‘getting around to doing someday’. So wouldn’t it be great if you were the one that actually made this happen for your date?

SailingMy advice for this date would be to call around and find a place that offers deals on smaller boats, which are less crowded. This way, it can feel more like an intimate date rather than a massive group gathering of strangers.

Also, make sure you ask about what kind of clothing you will need – how cold is it going to be where you’re sailing? This day could take a bad turn if you find your date shivering in a corner! And check out other elements to – like the duration of the trip, is food provided, etc. All of this will make sure your date goes swimmingly…

Of course, depending on where you live this date will not be suitable for everyone. But even if the nearest lake is an hour away, you should give this idea some thought. Mainly for the fact that it’s definitely not your ‘run of the mill’ type of date and it certainly has that shock factor. Your date will be impressed with your planning skills too!

Sailing as the sun sets? Sounds like a pretty good date to me.


  • A real chance to show off your adventurous side
  • Some quiet time to really get to know each other on the date
  • Original – you can bet your date hasn’t been taken sailing very often… if at all!


  • Required equipment – boat + lots of water! Could be tricky to find a location
  • Need to be aware of possibility of seasickness (better to ask your date about their water experience first…)

No. 4 – Hiking


Spending some time out of the non-stop world of busy cities can often leave you feeling refreshed – and spending it with someone else is even better!

Now I know what some people might be imagining when I say that ‘hiking is a great fun date to go on’ and if you’re one of those people that are picturing an intense workout as the two of you scale the nearest mountain range… that’s not it 😛 Wouldn’t make a very attractive date really would it?

What I’m talking about in this case is a gentle hike! A peaceful outing that gives the two of you a chance to talk and learn more about each other. Take the time to call around different organisers (if your local area has them) and try to find a loop circuit that you can go round with some interesting scenery along the way.

Maybe you could even cheat and find some useful trivia research online before you go and impress your date with your varied, ‘spontaneous’ knowledge of the area 😉


  • Great chance to get out of the city if you live in a busy place
  • Plenty of time to talk one on one with your date and really get to know them


  • Not great if one of you isn’t keen on walking or exercise
  • Can feel like your taking your date on a workout if you’re not careful picking an easy route
  • Rain would really put a downer on the date – check the weather forecast first!

No. 3 – Picnic


I really like this date idea, which is why I’m surprised more people don’t use it. It’s a great way to get to know your date – picnics are relaxed, uncrowded and generally a fun way to spend some time together.

Get a picnic ready and make your way to a quiet spot that you know of in the local area. When it comes to food – simply take some sandwiches, fruit, crisps or other small foods that keep you going. Another plus with this date is that after a light picnic, you can still go out for a meal later if the date is going well!

And, if you’re the energetic/fun type (and I hope you are on dates!) take a frisbee with you and show your date on the lighter side of your personality as you unwind after the picnic with a few games.


  • All the fun and variety of having a nice date outdoors, without feeling like you’re taking part in an exercise routine of the hiking date at the same time.
  • Chance to show off your knowledge of the local area by introducing them to a new place that you like going to
  • Great chance to get to know each other, without any crowds listening in


  • Picking a great location needs a bit of research, but will be worth it if the date is a success
  • You’ll need to keep an eye on the weather to make sure the date isn’t a washout!

No. 2 – Dance Lesson

Dancing Lessons

Whether you’ve never tango’d in your life or if you’re a sultan of swing (haha :P) a date spent dancing with your partner has good fun written all over it! Now maybe isn’t something you want to spring on someone for a first date, but it’s a great one to keep in mind for later on when you’re getting to know each other better.

You may have already gathered that I’m not talking about club dancing here – I’m talking about getting a proper dance lesson! In the ballroom styles like tango or salsa. Finding a dance instructor who will give you both some private tuition is a lot easier than you’d think too. Start by simply calling around a few of your local studios to see if they offer some introductory lessons just for you and your date.

I recommend starting with private lessons because you may find that if you start with a group session, the pace isn’t something you’re comfortable with or there are just too many people around to make your time together a good date.


  • Shows you off as an energetic and fun person that likes to try new things!
  • You can develop a skill together that you can take on later dates – with your dancing steps already practised and ready for action
  • A Great chance for you both to get closer to each other


  • In group classes there are usually many other people around so little chance of privacy

No. 1 – Ice-skating

Ice Skating

Think this doesn’t make a good date? Think again! This date has so many pluses that it’s suitable for almost anyone, no matter what your experience is:

Can’t ice skate? Show your date your humorous side – and that you’re confident enough to laugh at yourself if you make mistakes while you learn!
Your date can’t ice skate? Play the role of the tutor – teach your date how to do something new. Hold on to them to make sure they don’t fall and be their guide so they can improve.
Neither of you can skate? Then enjoy learning this brand new experience together!
You can both skate? …then you can just be a pair of show-offs 😛

My point is that this date is often perfect no matter your previous experience with skating is – it’s a great date even if you’ve never set foot on an ice rink!

So find an indoor ice rink and remember that a date spent ice skating will not only provide a few hours of fun, it’ll definitely be a day that stays in your partners mind, and reminds them just how fun the date with you was.

And after all, isn’t that exactly what you want after a date?


  • Suitable for everyone, no matter how much you know about skating
  • Great chance to help your date out if you’re more stable on the ice – help them get better!


  • Need to take care on the ice so neither of you gets injured
  • Takes a lot of confidence if you are both new to skating

Add Your Ideas To The List!

Lets make this a complete list of great date ideas!

So let me ask you, what have been your very best dates? What are some dates that you’d like to try out?

Post your ideas in a comment below – and I’ll add them to the blog under an ‘extra submitted ideas’ section… sound good?

Go on, what’s your best date?

Look forward to hearing about them!
Amber Kaye

Submitted Date Ideas

Thanks for sending in your ideas!

Keep the comments coming and I’ll add them to the list:

  • Bowling – taking your date bowling is a great chance to show off your funny side
  • Swimming – another great idea for a date… even better if the place has good water slides 🙂

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