Win Back Your Man – 5 Key Tips

Win Back Your Man – 5 Key Tips

Has something gone wrong in your relationship with your boyfriend or husband? If it has, or if you’ve already been in a breakup with him, you may be feeling that your connection has been greatly damaged, or even broken altogether. But don’t let this get you down, or even start second-guessing your romance at all!

Don’t Give Up On The Relationship!

Truth be told, lots of times, relationships go through rough patches and even breakups, but this doesn’t mean that you need to give up on the relationship or each other. With the correct steps in place just now you can easily repair the relationship and get back on track to win back your man!

So with that in mind, here are five important tips you can use to strengthen the relationship with your partner:

Five Tips To Win Back Your Man

1) Really take the time to think about the relationship and what may have gone wrong towards the end. Can you think of one element or event that may have brought about this tense time in your relationship?

I know this is hard, and it’s often frustrating to think about past times, but taking the time to find a problem that you won’t repeat again will help to make sure that your relationship together is stronger than it was before.

2) To help win back your man, learn how to recognize when a discussion between the two of you is not simply a discussion any more, but is heading for an argument instead! Feelings of tension starting to creep in, raised voices and angry facial expressions like frowns or scowls are all things you need to be aware of… is it still a discussion or is it almost an argument? In a good discussion, you should still be listening and trying to understand each other.

If you are heading for an argument with your partner – pause, take a deep breath and a few moments to relax. Realize that if a discussion should escalates to a fight, it should only happen over things that are extremely important. If, however, this is not one of those times – simply don’t allow yourself to get sucked into an argument that will probably do more harm than good.

3) However you are feeling – when you are trying to win back your man you need to avoid desperate behaviour at all costs! What I mean by this is don’t try constantly getting in touch with your ex – asking him to call you and so on. There are many reasons for this (which I explain in my free report), but the main thing you have to remember is that clingy behaviour is never attractive! There is a big difference between wanting to get your ex back, and needing to get them back. Your ex partner will notice if you are being too needy, which is almost guaranteed to be unattractive to them.

4) Focus on something else in your life that is important… and if you don’t have anything… find something! By focusing our attention on another element of our lives, it always makes it easier to put things into perspective and stay strong (so this tip also will help you with tip 3). It also shows your partner that you are not just going to wait around for them! While you win back your man, you need to show him that you are independent and capable, and that they are missing out by not having you in their life.

5) Always try to look and feel your best. This can be as simple as taking a relaxing bath to really soothe your mind and relax you, taking part in your favourite sport or just going regularly out with the girls to cheer you up. Again, if you show your man that you are naturally a fun, glowing person that others love being around, he’ll start to second guess his decision to take a step back from the relationship.

So there you have it, 5 tips to help you win back your man. Sound good? I hope so anyway – the best chance of success when it comes to getting a relationship back on track is always to start with the best possible course of action.

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Best wishes,
Amber Kaye

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  1. hi there , my name is n—y my husaband was left me about a month ago and i try to contact him all the time but he not contact me back i was sad and been crazy and drinks lot 🙁 . he only said he just want to divorce and send me back to my country …. and now i stop to contact him and going out for a date( just date ) but still thinking about my husband . i would love him to come back to me and have lovely couple life like before … Do you have any suggestion for me ? thank you

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