Text Flirting – Advanced Tips

In the last post, we talked about some texting tips to help you really stand out from the crowd (if you missed that post, click here to check it out). Now, we’re going to go over some more advanced tips – things like how to leave the texting with your partner (or potential partner) wanting more, and exactly what to say so they’ll only associate you with exciting conversations! Which is always what you want, right πŸ˜€

Don’t Drag Any Topics Out

A lot of the questions I get asked about flirting with text messages, are about what to say if a conversation starts to drag. β€œWhat do I say if the texting starts to be a bit boring? How do I bring life back to the conversation?” and my answer is usually… don’t!

When you start ‘forcing’ the conversation to keep going through text messages it’s more often than not just a big mistake. If you’re talking about something and it starts to get boring or predictable, simply move onto something else, or even better – end on a high note (more on this in a minute) and say you’ll speak to them later.

The same goes if the other person starts taking a long time to reply. Don’t start asking them if they’re busy, or if they don’t want to talk to you (cringeworthy mistake!) or anything else like that. Just keep your dignity, and say you’ll speak to them later… that’s it!

Make Your Message Compelling!

When you think about how texts are really used – they’re a short way to talk that people are used to being fairly predictable (in general anyway). Normally used for arranging to meet with friends, changing plans, saying when they’re running late, asking where someone is, etc.

How much do you think you’d really stand out if you used your messages differently than most? What if, when you’re planning a date with someone for example – you stay clear of the standard β€œWe should meet up, how about we get a coffee sometime?” and instead you created a short, but very compelling image…

"Hey, cancel any plans for tomorrow. I know a French
themed cafe that we have GOT to check out! You
might even start thinking you’re in Paris…"

Is it cheesy? Maybe :P… Is it memorable? Definitely… Will it make you ‘stand out from the crowd’ – without a doubt! Text messages are the perfect time to create an enticing image of what someone could be doing if they spent time with you. So make it sound amazing, descriptive, and better than what they would be doing otherwise! You’ll be head and shoulders above anyone else seeking their attention.

Read Your Text Aloud

Well… if you can without looking crazy! It’s fine to use slang, or tell inside jokes when you’re talking to your friends. However, when you’re texting someone new or someone you haven’t spoken to for a while, the wrong word in the wrong place and this message might come off as offensive.

Always, re-read what you’re going to send after a few minutes – does anything seem out of place? Text messages are never perfect for conveying emotions, even if you include smiley faces to help! If you find a line that could be misinterpreted, take it out or change it before sending it.

Text messages don’t require instant responses, so take time to make sure what you say is clear to understand, and don’t rush your words and end up sounding daft πŸ˜›

End On A High Note

Probably one of the most important parts of text message flirting is how to end the conversation. Again, how many times do you think they’ve heard β€œok, well it was nice talking to you… hope we get to do it again sometime?” – it’s ‘standard’, it’s overused… and it certainly won’t make you stand out in their mind!

Instead, do things the right way and end on a conversational high! If you’re sharing a joke that you can tell (or at least guess) is making them laugh, stop the texting! If you think they’re getting excited about a date your planning together, stop the texting!

If that seems like a strange idea, don’t worry because it is unusual, but more importantly it’s the type of ending that leaves them thinking about you for a looong time afterwards. So end the conversation on a good note – say that you’ve got stuff to do, people to see (you’re busy person remember), and you’ll talk to them later. They’ll probably be counting down the days until you do!

And Speaking Of High Notes…

These are only some of the tips that I recommend to people looking to boost their texting skills. But if you’re looking for some solid tips, tried and tested by the pros – I definitely recommend you check out these guides, if you haven’t already;

There’s one written for men, and one for women – because anyone can improve their texting skills, and use their phones to boost their relationships!

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