The Kardashian Marriage – What We Can Learn

72 days… that kind of sums it up doesn’t it?

Yes, the marriage between Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries has come and gone, lasting only 72 days and leaving many people wondering, ‘so what happened there?’ But instead of all the questions, lets take a look at what we can learn (sorry Kim) from other peoples ‘mistakes’. This can be worth it to help others and make sure people avoid making similar blunders. So what could we do differently…

Let The Relationship Grow Before Jumping In

Give or take a few weeks, Kim and Kris had apparently been dating for about six months before getting married. For something as serious as this, six months just isn’t long enough to really figure out if you’re both ready for that kind of commitment. Yes, there are some special cases where spontaneous marriages have lasted for years, but people can change and you need a decent time together to see if you as a couple really can roll with the punches… because they will happen. To really get to know someone and whether or not you’re going to be a match can take years, so jumping into such a serious decision so quickly isn’t a good idea.

There’s another thing to keep in mind as well – that if you later find out your other half has some very annoying habits you might want to call quits on the wedding at the last minute. If you don’t know what you’re getting into, then you don’t know what you’re getting into! Take enough time and give serious decisions the respect they deserve. After all, you wouldn’t want to be ending up with some ‘irreconcilable differences’ now would you?…

Know Who You’re Marrying, And Make Sure They Know You

One of the reported reasons the marriage broke up has been that Kris wanted to move outside the city in search of a quieter life, whereas Kim wasn’t having any of it and wanted to live in LA. Yes, this is another example of letting your relationship develop properly over time before any serious commitments, but it’s also a case of being genuine to your partner.

Serious, life-changing events shouldn’t change either person OR your situation unless it was decided upon beforehand. I’ve heard from lots of people where a relationship broke down because one person believed a commitment like marriage gave them a ‘they are mine now’ mindset, almost a feeling of ‘I can be who I really am now and demand what I want from my partner’.

Looming serious commitments can lead to one partner fooling the other into believe they someone they’re not, just to get the tie of a ring onto their finger. This is not the way to look at these decisions, because there is always another option for the other person – they can head straight for divorce, no matter how serious the relationship has become.

Big Decisions Need The Right Reasons

In a marriage that apparently netted the duo $18 million through various magazine deals, television coverage and other endorsements (and proving yet again that love can’t be bought), you might be asking how this could possibly relate to you. Well, you may not have someone dangling $18 million in front of you to commit to something – but maybe social pressures or family nagging might force you to make a decision you’re not really happy with.

If you ever feel pressured by someone else to make a decision, or even if you’re tempted by something like money, remember that decisions made for the wrong reasons always come back to bite you in the end, and it’s important to never settle in your relationships, especially when it comes to a serious commitment. If you don’t do justice to your own choices – you might have to spend a lot of time later erasing past mistakes in a quest to make you happy again.

And finally…

Stop Watching, Start Doing!

There is a growing trend that people are getting more and more comfortable with – the idea of watching someone else live their whole life! Watching someone else on a reality TV show can be a bit of escapism, it can relax us and take our minds away from our stresses, and give us a needed break from time to time. But if you find yourself constantly watching Kim and her dating ‘struggles’ on TV, or idolizing someone who is losing weight on a health show, or anything else like that – it might be time to stop watching other people, and start doing things for you!

When was the last time you took a real look at your own goals in life? Are you any closer to creating your dream lifestyle? If not, take some time to think about where you want your life to be heading, and start taking the necessary steps to get there.

Leave the TV ‘stars’ to their own lives. Stop watching, start doing!

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