How To Take Power From Dark Times

It’s already the start of April… and this year has already been an interesting one – it’s only 4 months in, but it’s already 1/4 way through the year. Doesn’t the way you phrase things make a huge difference to how they seem? Or a more accurate way would be to say – doesn’t the way we look at things make a huge difference to how they feel?

Regain Control Of Anything

Having spent the end of last year and the early part of this year finishing my book and helping people who are struggling with their own relationships, I was finding more and more that people can be greatly helped by re-framing how they look at their situation. By just flipping something from a ‘glass half empty’ to a ‘glass half full’ mind-set, not only can you make a seemingly overwhelming situation much more manageable – you can also remind yourself that it’s always possible to control your own life and the results you get back. It’s great to get a good understanding of your own results – because this can mean that no matter where you think you are right now, your own life can always be improved, and you are always in control.

4 Steps To Learn From Anything

I’ve spent quite a bit of time recently trying to think how we can best learn from sad events – how can you re-frame something that can be so sad or even as devastating as a breakup, or any other negative experience. When it doesn’t feel fair, it can be difficult to see the light at all, let alone feel compelled to keep working to move in that positive direction. I’d like to tell you my own way of dealing with negative events, and suggest that the best thing we can do to improve our own lives is to accept – reflect – reframe – and take action!

In my next post I’ll be going over what I mean by these points. This information has already put me back in the driver’s seat for a number of situations this year, and I’m sure it will help you out greatly too!

It’s good to be back, and talk soon!

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