Text Flirting – Advanced Tips

In the last post, we talked about some texting tips to help you really stand out from the crowd (if you missed that post, click here to check it out). Now, we’re going to go over some more advanced tips – things like how to leave the texting with your partner (or potential partner) wanting more, and exactly what to say so they’ll only associate you with exciting conversations! Which is always what you want, right πŸ˜€

Don’t Drag Any Topics Out

A lot of the questions I get asked about flirting with text messages, are about what to say if a conversation starts to drag. β€œWhat do I say if the texting starts to be a bit boring? How do I bring life back to the conversation?” and my answer is usually… don’t!

When you start ‘forcing’ the conversation to keep going through text messages it’s more often than not just a big mistake. If you’re talking about something and it starts to get boring or predictable, simply move onto something else, or even better – end on a high note (more on this in a minute) and say you’ll speak to them later.

The same goes if the other person starts taking a long time to reply. Don’t start asking them if they’re busy, or if they don’t want to talk to you (cringeworthy mistake!) or anything else like that. Just keep your dignity, and say you’ll speak to them later… that’s it!

Make Your Message Compelling!

When you think about how texts are really used – they’re a short way to talk that people are used to being fairly predictable (in general anyway). Normally used for arranging to meet with friends, changing plans, saying when they’re running late, asking where someone is, etc.

How much do you think you’d really stand out if you used your messages differently than most? What if, when you’re planning a date with someone for example – you stay clear of the standard β€œWe should meet up, how about we get a coffee sometime?” and instead you created a short, but very compelling image…

"Hey, cancel any plans for tomorrow. I know a French
themed cafe that we have GOT to check out! You
might even start thinking you’re in Paris…"

Is it cheesy? Maybe :P… Is it memorable? Definitely… Will it make you ‘stand out from the crowd’ – without a doubt! Text messages are the perfect time to create an enticing image of what someone could be doing if they spent time with you. So make it sound amazing, descriptive, and better than what they would be doing otherwise! You’ll be head and shoulders above anyone else seeking their attention.

Read Your Text Aloud

Well… if you can without looking crazy! It’s fine to use slang, or tell inside jokes when you’re talking to your friends. However, when you’re texting someone new or someone you haven’t spoken to for a while, the wrong word in the wrong place and this message might come off as offensive.

Always, re-read what you’re going to send after a few minutes – does anything seem out of place? Text messages are never perfect for conveying emotions, even if you include smiley faces to help! If you find a line that could be misinterpreted, take it out or change it before sending it.

Text messages don’t require instant responses, so take time to make sure what you say is clear to understand, and don’t rush your words and end up sounding daft πŸ˜›

End On A High Note

Probably one of the most important parts of text message flirting is how to end the conversation. Again, how many times do you think they’ve heard β€œok, well it was nice talking to you… hope we get to do it again sometime?” – it’s ‘standard’, it’s overused… and it certainly won’t make you stand out in their mind!

Instead, do things the right way and end on a conversational high! If you’re sharing a joke that you can tell (or at least guess) is making them laugh, stop the texting! If you think they’re getting excited about a date your planning together, stop the texting!

If that seems like a strange idea, don’t worry because it is unusual, but more importantly it’s the type of ending that leaves them thinking about you for a looong time afterwards. So end the conversation on a good note – say that you’ve got stuff to do, people to see (you’re busy person remember), and you’ll talk to them later. They’ll probably be counting down the days until you do!

And Speaking Of High Notes…

These are only some of the tips that I recommend to people looking to boost their texting skills. But if you’re looking for some solid tips, tried and tested by the pros – I definitely recommend you check out these guides, if you haven’t already;

There’s one written for men, and one for women – because anyone can improve their texting skills, and use their phones to boost their relationships!

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Text Message Flirting Tips For Better Relationships

If you’re looking for a powerful way to boost your dating life – text messaging could very well be the answer. Even though text message flirting is still quite new in the dating game, there are some people out there who are using it very well… and there are a lot more people who are using it very badly! Sending flirty texts can be very effective when trying to build an interesting tension between you and a potential partner, or even someone you’re already dating.

So let’s get started with a few tips on how to heighten your results with text messaging, that will add an extra layer of spice and intrigue that you just can’t get through other types of communication:

Keep Messages Light And Fun

One of the main advantages of text messages is they’re a short, quick way to get in touch with someone no matter what they’re doing. But while this is often a good thing, when used badly texts can be very damaging!

When sending texts, you have a small amount of time to talk to someone in a way that gives them a window into what kind of person you are, and what they could expect from you. If your messages are always depressing or even slightly boring, what do you think that says about you as a person?

Always remember to keep your texts light and fun! Here’s some main topics to never bring into your text conversations:

  • Bad things that have happened at work – you don’t want to come across as someone who’ll always be moaning about how much you don’t like your job when you meet up in person,
  • Ex partners and people that you’ve dated – while it can always be funny to relive some funny/bad dates, you’re best to do this with friends until you get to know this person more
  • Moaning about your family or friends – again, you wouldn’t want to be stuck around a negative person so don’t come across that way to other people in your texts,
  • Religious or political views – these topics, and many others like it, are just too serious for simple text flirting messages,
  • Questionably jokes you’ve heard that could be found insulting to some (this person might not have the same sense of humor as you)

And if you ever feel the other person starting to bring up any of these – quickly look for a way to change the subject, or share a joke to lighten the mood and swiftly get back onto more fun topics.

So for example you could say:

“Hey I was texting you to have some fun… what happened!? Luckily
I’ve got this awesome sense of humor to save us πŸ˜› like this
one time when… (Insert your funny story/joke here)”

Try Not To Tlk Lik Dis In Dem

You and your friends might be completely fluent in the language of ‘text talk’ – but if the person you’re looking to date isn’t, you get a lot of very confused replies from them when you send them these types of text. In the worst case they might even cut the conversation short if they can’t make out what you’re trying to tell them.

They also might draw a lot of conclusions based just on the way you’re texting – trying to look too busy, lazy communicator, etc… any of these things sound good? At the start at least, play it safe and use a few more letters when you’re talking to avoid any confusion with lots of abbreviations.

Give It Some Time

When texting someone new, try not to reply instantly to every single message they send. As well as the old classic of “making you look more interesting” (I’m not too convinced of that one :P) it also gives the conversation a bit more pace.

If you both are in the mood for quick fire texting it can be good to get instant replies and sometimes they’re even necessary. But if you take your time to really think about what you’re saying in the messages it can give you both more things to say so the conversation won’t run out of gas too quickly.

Also, it might give you ideas for new things you could say, rather than simply replying to whatever the other person is saying.

Master Your Messaging!

If you want some more tips and tricks on how to bring added excitement your text message flirting, here’s some guides I found that can help increase text success for both men and women! There’s two sides to every coin remember, so men and women can both pick up new tips to boost their texting skills and make their messages a whole lot more memorable than any other potential partners.

To find out more about the guides and how they can help you…

In my next post, I’ll be sharing some more tips on how to use short, snappy messages to get a great response from the person you’re interested in! Including:

  • How to use texts to create enticing dates,
  • What to say when the other person takes ages to reply,
  • How to handle situations where the conversations starting to drag or become boring,
  • Exactly how to end things so that they can’t wait to hear from you again,
  • And more!

Talk to you soon!

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How Do You Build Trust In A Relationship

Building trust in a relationship is one of the most important things you can look to continually develop and improve. At different stages in a relationship you can have good parts and bad parts, but knowing that you have a decent amount of trust with each other can help you get through any of the tough times – and look forward to the good times.

So how do you build trust in a relationship, and how can you make sure that this trust will last? Here’s some key tips to bear in mind that will help strengthen the relationships you have, and help future relationships get off on the best foot.

Be Dependable

Being dependable, by doing the things you say you’ll do is one of the core parts in building trust. Often, problems with multiple, smaller jobs is where doubts in a relationship first set in.

If you’ve known someone like this, you’ll understand what I mean – a person that says they’ll be there at this time, and they’ll do this job – only for you to find later on that they aren’t there, haven’t done it, and so on. When looking at how to build trust in a relationship, of course there could be many excuses as to why they weren’t available at the time, and maybe these are all true – but this doesn’t mean they don’t damage the relationship, at least in a small amount. These cumulative effects that build up over time, can lead to you not trusting your partner or vice versa.

So for this reason, remember to only commit to things you know you can do – and situations you know you’ll be on top of. Don’t just agree to anything because you’re trying to please your partner. Being dependable, being on time and doing the things you say you’ll do is a great way to start building up the trust again.

Call When You Say You Will

If you tell your partner you going to call them sometime tonight… make sure that you do! It’s much better to simply say, β€œI’m sorry, I won’t be free to phone you tonight, but I’ll see you tomorrow”, then it is to lie or say something you don’t think you’ll be able to do.

Keeping in touch when you aren’t free to see your other half is very important, and you wouldn’t want to be left waiting for a phone call either I’m sure, so don’t make it happened to your partner.

Avoid Lies – No Matter How Small

How do you build trust in a relationship when lies are present? Lies are another thing that just don’t have a place in a solid relationship. No matter how small, or seemingly innocent the lie is – if you get caught in a pattern of telling lies to your partner, doesn’t it make sense that they’d start to trust you less?

Not only do the lies wear on the relationship over time, you can sometimes find yourself getting caught up in a perpetual ‘lying loop’! Where you have to tell one lie after another to cover up for the previous one. In the end it doesn’t matter if it was a tiny white lie to begin with – once you’re caught in a cycle like this, one slip of the tongue with a more serious lie is all it takes to do a serious amount of damage to a trusting relationship.

Disagreeing Is Allowed – Arguing Is Not

When thinking about how do you build trust in a relationship, I’ve talked before about the difference between disagreeing with your partner and arguing with them. To recap, disagreeing is when you and someone else have a different opinion about something you’re talking about – it can be resolved calmly without either person feeling bad about their own opinion, or that they need to change it.

Arguing is when a discussion takes on a much more negative side – when someone starts becoming angry at the other or shouting or otherwise managing to upset the other person, or bully them into their way of thinking.

This is not what you want in a relationship as it doesn’t respect the other person’s feelings. Again, situations like this over time can damage the relationship in the long run.

Relationships Need Work

No matter where the relationship is just now, it’s never too late to look at how do you build trust in a relationship, and start improving the trust between you and your partner – as this will certainly strengthen the relationship for you.

Also, never forget that relationships require consistent work and effort to keep them strong. I don’t mean ‘work’ in a negative way here either! It should be fun to reconnect with your partner regularly and keep up-to-date with them and what they’re thinking. A close connection in a relationship doesn’t happen overnight, you need to keep the relationship sparked yourself!

If you find that you and your partner are having problems with trust or other skills, never simply give up or start to imagine things will be easier with another person – these problems exist on a deeper level and they will start again with any new partner if you don’t address them. So instead, take the time to really thing about how do you build trust in a relationship to improve this romance – it’ll be worth it in the future!

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