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A group of 20 MILLION people… think you can find a perfect date here?

This is one of those facts about the dating site Mate1 that really blows my mind. The growth of online dating has been so amazing recently, and with tens of thousands of people joining this website every day – is online dating quickly becoming the best modern way to meet your soulmate? It’s worth a shot, right 😉

If you’re new to the idea of online dating it might seem a little bit strange or weird to you, and I completely get that. It used to be a strange idea for me too! But when you take a minute to think about what sites like Mate1 can help you with… online dating has some major benefits.

A massive online group of people that you can first sort by area to find the people who are near you, then you can search for people with similar interests to your own. Really cuts down on the time to find a perfect partner, doesn’t it? You don’t need to wonder if that person near you could even have anything in common with you… because online dating sites do all the work for you!

When you find someone that you like the sound of, it’s easy to start contacting them too. Send them an email, or chat with them live online to get a feel for each other and if you would be interested in meeting and taking things anything further – if not, simply move on and find another match!

What’s So Great About Mate1?

The site has all the main features you’d expect from a massive online dating website – you can join for free and create a full profile to describe yourself in detail, helping you get the most relevant matches. There’s also a search function so you can quickly find like-minded partners.

Here’s a more detailed list of what you get:

  • Free membership allowing you to create your own user profile to get you started
  • Update your profile with details about your location, age, physical attributes like the color of your hair and body type
  • Choose various lifestyle preferences about travel, work and exercise habits, sense of humor, favorite foods, etc
  • A paragraph to describe who and what you’re looking for in a relationship to increase your chances of finding a great match
  • Provide detailed information about your desired relationship type
  • Ability to block members by country to help focus on your area
  • Detailed search results which can then be sorted by tons of things to find great matches (even sorting by things like when people were last online!)

All in all, a great site to start finding a great partner! With the amount of information and variety of people on this website, I’m sure you’ll find plenty of options to keep you busy looking around.
Click Here to check out the site and create you profile for free now.

Quick note – remember that creating your profile is free, and when you’re ready to send messages and chat with others you need to pay $1.95 to be able to talk to the matches that you get. If you don’t think this site is for you, you have a full 3 days to cancel your membership. If you don’t cancel your membership, it will renew for a full 30 days for you to use the full service.

Check it out today! Give this site a spin for the 3 day trial period, and see how it feels for you.

Click here to get started!

Got a question about online dating? Feel free to post a comment in the box below, and I’ll answer it ASAP.

Talk soon 🙂

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