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Now, I’ve been getting quite a few questions about whether or not my information and guidance with relationships can help in the more serious case of helping you get your ex wife back.

This situation sounds like it’s a lot more serious than dealing with a simple breakup in other, more casual relationships. But it turns out that the main ‘rules’ that you have to follow are very similar to what you have to do to get your ex partner back in any situation – the human mind behaves the same way in either situation, whether you’re in a relationship or a marriage spanning decades, and these tips can save relationships in all cases.

Remember: Don’t Blow It At The Start!

Just like a lot of other times that people are trying to repair the relationship, one of the most important things you can do just now is making sure you don’t make crucial mistakes at the very beginning. Mistakes now that may seem small when you are trying to get your ex wife back, will actually cause a lot more damage than you think.

Things that may seem natural to you and make sense in your mind, you may quickly find do nothing more than push your partner further away from you.

So here are a couple of common mistakes you should avoid at all costs, the reasons why they are so crucial to avoid, and what you should do instead to recover your marriage:

Mistake Number One: Begging Your Ex Partner To Come Home

Well, even if you don’t want to admit it, you probably will realise that if your ex wife wanted to come home – she wouldn’t have left in the first place. Make sense?

If in her mind the decision to leave was the best choice, simply stating it’s not what you want is not going to change her opinion, or help her to come back.

While you want to get your ex wife back, asking her to come home will only invalidate her decision to leave. It would say to her that you don’t think she deserves to have the right to be truthful about her unhappiness, and she isn’t allowed to do anything about it.

This is like saying that she is not okay.

Don’t try to use any kind of force or manipulation to try and change her opinion – instead, you should make time to understand how she feels, and what is going through her mind just now about your relationship together.

What Should You Do Instead To Get Your Ex Wife Back?

In this case, what you should do instead is to give her a bit of time, and a bit of space to sort through some of her thoughts. Then, after a few days (say two or three) when she has cooled off a bit, you will be ready to make contact with her again.

When you initially contact her, you want to be understanding and sincere. It is very unlikely that you will get back your marriage if you start accusing your wife of making mistakes, giving up on your family, or using other scare tactics to make her feel better.

Instead, confirm to her that you do not want a divorce, and explain that you understand that big changes are needed in the relationship and that you don’t blame her from leaving. As I said, using anger or aggression in situations like this is never going to solve any problems. It is only going to make things worse, so it’s important to approach the situation with a relaxed, understanding mind.

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Mistake Number Two…

To discover mistake number two and what you should be doing to avoid it, check back here tomorrow when I’ll post the next part in this sequence of information on how to save your marriage and get your ex wife back.

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