First Date Conversation – What To Say!

Thinking of what to say on dates is a stressful thing for everyone… even if they’re a master at hiding it.

BUT… this time we are really going to nail this topic, so you’ll never again have to think or worry about what to say for first date conversation. Even better, these tips can be used to give you ideas for things to say at any time in the relationship, from date 1 to 100.

Even if you already know the answers to these types of questions, asking these seemingly simple things can bring up new information you didn’t know about your partner, give a new connection to the relationship, and give you even more ideas for things to talk about!

Number One: Let’s Talk Family!

Talking about family connections is a great way to get to know a person. Specifically talking about brothers and sisters. Getting your date to open up about their family and their siblings shows that you’re interested in getting to know them on a more personal level.

This will often make your date feel more interested in you. Did you ever notice that when you talk to a person about yourself, you often feel like the conversation was really fun! This is the same idea – getting your date to tell you fun things to do with their family puts them back in the happy mood they were in at the time. What’s great for you is that when your date is in a positive mood… they’ll connect that positive mood with you and remember what a great time they had with you!

Number Two: Where Have You Traveled To?

Ask your date if they’ve traveled anywhere special, or if not, if they PLAN to in the near future. These types of topics always spark your dates interest because it makes them think of all the amazing places in the world they’ve either been or would like to go in the future.

You could start joking that the two of you will go on your ideal holiday sometime in the future… only if your date is lucky enough though 😉 This topic gives you an idea of their sense of adventure in life and what kind of things they are open to trying as well.

Number Three: Favorite Music/Films

Talking about what you both like in terms of music, films, and even musicals and theater is another great topic. It’s always good to get a handle on each others tastes when it comes to entertainment. If you’re a huge fan of romantic comedies… but your date watches all the Terminator movies every weekend, you’ll have to be prepared for some (playful :P) fighting over the remote. On the other hand, if it turns out you both have the same tastes when it comes to these things… then great! You’ve got a topic you can talk about for ages.

Number Four: Hobbies

Talking about hobbies is always a personal favorite! If you’ve got the same hobbies you can make plans in the future to do them together (a future date perhaps?…) and talk about your strengths and even joke with each other about who’s better at your chosen hobby.

If you don’t have any experience with what they’re talking about, then you can show your interest by asking questions to understand the hobby more and why they are so fascinated by it. These also give you great ideas for follow up questions – and they increase the bond between you both by finding more and more common ground that you can talk about!

Have You Got Some Favorite Topics?

These are some great, safe topics that can be used as first date conversation and beyond with your partner. Remember to listen to your dates answers, so you can understand more about them and think of more conversations to come back to, this will always help keep the conversation fascinating and fun!

What about you? Have you found any conversation gems that you rely on when you’re on dates? Leave your conversation ideas in the comment section below 🙂

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